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The Great Quinnehtukqut Company of Artificers and Traders (GQCAT) is a non-profit group of civilian re-enactors.

GQCAT is centered on the life and times of North America in the period 1750 to 1785. In reenactments we portray a company of citizens providing services and products in support of American Revolutionary military units.

GQCAT exists to provide enjoyment and education to our members and to the public, and to provide a social forum to exchange ideas, knowledge and research on Colonial America. We are a non-profit corporation located in Connecticut, and most of the events in which we participate are held in the Southern New England area between April and October. Our members practice and demonstrate a variety of Colonial Crafts, including spinning, cooking, sewing, pewter casting, bullet making, leather work, blacksmithing, carpentry and more.